paper: FRC228 Shooter CAD

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FRC228 Shooter CAD
by: davepowers

FRC228 and FRC2168’s shooter CAD.

This season, between the WPI regional and Hartford regional, FRC228, and FRC2168 colabed on a shooter and manufactured it for both teams in GUS’ shop. It was a pleasure working with 2168 and we plan on keeping the bond strong for next year. Both shooters were CADed, manufactured, and tested in 5 days.

ShooterAssm.STEP (3.75 MB)

Here’s a video demonstrating our shooters capability’s. Thank you Peter for recording it! Although we were only to obtain 3 cycles that match we were averaging 5 and this past weekend at the CT championships we finally got 7. (if anyone has a video of that, please send me the link!)

If you’d like to see GUS 15 in action check us out at Battlecry next weekend and IRI if we are granted an invitation, cross your fingers!

I’d also just like to thank Justin Foss and Josh Miller from 2168 for everything you’ve done, you’ve both taught me so much is so little time! Here’s to next year!