paper: FRC399 2011 Java Code

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FRC399 2011 Java Code
by: Jeremy Germita

Team 399, Eagle Robotics’ 2011 competition code.

After a bit of delay after our final competition, here is our final revision of code!

Autonomous features:
-4 different autonomous modes
-3 1 tube autonomous modes
-1 2 tube autonomous mode
-Automatic autonomous mode shut off using the claw’s limit switch

Teleop Features:
-Tank drive controls
-Manual arm angle control, Buttons for automatic arm control
-Automatic tube holding and releasing code
-automatic timer deployment
-Ability to score over the back on the top and middle rows
-basic automatic shifting code(could use a TON of improvement. See code for details)

Contributors(Thanks if you see this!)
-Jeremy Germita - Lead Programmer
-Jackie P(399thegeneral on CD) - Arm elbow, flopper, and deployment
-Gabe R(hammerhead_399 on CD) - Dashboard design and code, preliminary autonomous stuff
-Brad H - Dashboard design and IO board code
-Rob W - Preliminary auton stuff
-Justin S(biojae on CD) - Help with arm code and other things
-Rene H(robodude03 on CD)
-Brian H(BHOP on CD) - Help with autonomous

Also attached is our fall 2011 test bot, SPOiler, drive code. Used for driving practice and Battle at the Border.

Change log: (1.03 MB) (723 KB)