paper: FRC687 Drivetrain Analysis

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FRC687 Drivetrain Analysis
by: taharder

Following in the footsteps of many other spreadsheets, this presents the motor curves with an analysis of the electrical series resistance of the 2014 Control System.

This calculator includes a ppt with the derivation of the equations used to facilitate constructive criticism. The calculator borrows alot of ideas from JVN, Ether, JesseK and AKeisic. It also represents my independent derivation of the equations they presented, so I hope that I have not introduced any mistakes.

Including the series resistance as measured by FRC687 is a major contribution that greatly affects the choice of operating gear ratios for the drive system.

FRC687 DriveTrain Calcs 2014.xlsm (690 KB)
20141230MotorEquations.pptx (678 KB)