paper: FRC973 2009 and on robot CAD files

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FRC973 2009 and on robot CAD files
by: AdamHeard

A CAD model of our 2009 Robot.

I’m posting this along with a few other models, due to transferring our CAD files to a new system we lost some parts, and some things we just never finished during season. Still a solid representation of our robot though.

I am posting these in the order they were designed and made, all 5 of these were made and have run. Only the unnamed 2011 prototype didn’t compete in an event.

I will eventually add our pre 2009 prototype, King Krab, but since that is still in inventor I need to get someone to convert it to a .stp for me. If anyone is will, please let me know.

2009 Robot - Raptor
-This is really the first robot in the modern era of 973. A mahcine we really love.

2010 Prototype - Black Knight
-Although RAPTOR had a decent west coast drive, it was a setup designed to be made in house that we ended up outsourcing, and utilized a lot of COTS components. This was our first fabricated revision of a more refined west coast drive (although we had a similar version done pre 2009 in SW).

2010 Robot - theBOSS
-This was a rough year for us, we were understaffed on design and it showed. The intake and full width kicker was a last minute addition. The 4 CIM hanging worked, but with our kicker/intake issues was never tested enough to feel comfortable in a match (it had a LOT of torque). we probably hung 20 or so times on the practice fields.
-Minor rework allowed a PTO and a 10wd while retaining common parts.

2011 Prototype - Unnammed.
-Very similar in functionality to Black Knight, but we eliminated welding. We designed with an intake to test more things. Worked out well for us.
-We were unhappy with the bumper system on this (as with most previous robots).

2011 Robot - TITAN
-I’ll add notes later, but with regards to the drive it was identical in most ways to the prototype. The nonwelded base worked great for us.
-I named my new dog TITAN after this robot, lets just say my girlfriend lost a bet about us winning champs.

FRC973 2009 - (12.6 MB)
FRC973 2010 Proto - Black (2.37 MB)
FRC973 2010 - (5.28 MB)
FRC973 2011 Proto - (2.37 MB)
FRC973 2011 - (9.46 MB)
FRC973 2011 proto - Emporer (16.4 MB)
FRC973 Fall 2012 Fall Student Robot - (2.58 MB)
FRC973 Fall 2012 - (5.05 MB)
FRC973 Fall 2012 - VEXPRO (6.37 MB)
FRC973 2013 - Hurricane Drive (5.05 MB)

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Hands down some of the coolest FRC Robots of 2009-2011. 2009 is especially my all time favorite for that year.

Congratulations on winning the 2011 FRC Championship, it was great working with you guys this year. Can’t wait to see the 2012 Proto and 2012 Robot!

On a side note, I really want to thank 973 for helping 1323 gain more sponsors, become a better team and for also helping us throughout the past few years


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Ah, Raptor, one of my all-time favorites. Great to see more CAD from you, Adam. This year’s been great, seeing 973 get the recognition it deserves is just awesome. I know RC and I are thankful for how much you’ve helped us in the past few years as well. Thanks for the CAD.

Ahh, 973 just has a way with producing some wicked fine california robots! :rolleyes:

I loved Raptor! It was tough losing to you guys at LA that year and it taught us a lot about how to play the game. Honestly you guys taught us how to win and led us to our first regional win that year.

I always look forward to checking out 973’s bot during the regional competition. We will definitely be trying out some of your designs in the off season. See you at IRI :slight_smile:

Great robots, and thanks for posting all the CAD. I certainly don’t expect anybody to give away so much information, but am very grateful for it.

I assume the rack on your 2011 proto bot was custom, given it’s look and your team’s track record of making their own gears. Would you mind giving some tips on how you do this? What kind of equipment and sponsorship does a team need to successfully cut their own spur gears and racks? Just putting something like this on a robot is prohibitively expensive for most teams.

Also, kudos for putting two gears on the CIM shaft. Great idea/design.

Speaking of those two gears on the CIM shaft, I remember looking at the smaller one and thinking it was going to fall off it was so far out on the end of the shaft (hanging about half off). Do you have some shaft extension or coupler going on there, or is there something else I’m missing? Or is it just not a big deal?

The rack gears are cut on a conventional waterjet. Most waterjets should be able to cut such features, just with varying quality/taper.

Some parts got lost in the conversion to .step, one of which was the hex sleeve we pressed onto the CIM shaft to accommodate both gears.

We saw the 2012 greybot: Encore at the central valley regional. It was such an amazing robot, we were wondering if the CAD of it was going to be released?

Very impressive robot!

It will be, can’t commit to a specific date as it requires some cleanup (there are a LOT of systems on that robot…). It’ll probably be up by July.

Are there any plans to release the CAD file for Hurricane?

Yes, at some point we will get Hurricane and Encore posted.

Added the drivetrain for Hurricane. We’ll get something cleaned up and posted for the entire bot sometime down the road.

This CAD is pretty accurate for our drive, but doesn’t show that we switched to 6" wheels down the road. We changed the gearing of the gearbox (kept the same plates) during this switch. We also had a kickup cylinder (dropped a ballcaster to the floor on one end) to get out of T-bone pins.

I have two .zips for Encore that aren’t working in terms of uploading, I talked to Brandon about it and I’m sure we’ll get it worked out.

Adding more robots here…

2015 and 2016 are up, will get 2012-2014, 2013 offseason, and Skystalker-er up at some point too.

Awesome, thanks Adam

Thanks for providing all of these great resources for teams.

On a side note, did you ever post the RAMP files that were used in the videos? A group of my students are working through the videos, but we haven’t been able to find the files anywhere. The videos are really great. The students have learned a lot from them, and I even learned quite a bit.

That is an impressive set of frame gussets in each corner of the robot. Thank you for the release!