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G2s mini-classes
by: GeeTwo

Power point presentations for 25 minute classes designed to expose new FRC team members to some of the broader concepts of design, and a bit of the state of the art in FRC. Emphasis on breadth, not depth.

Power point presentations of the mini-classes (25 minute duration) I am giving to our team. The first two were actually done at a dry-erase board, but I tried to capture the content and even some of the questions. The third is going to be briefed as a power point tomorrow. If CD-Media allows, I will post further class content here, as well.

GeeTwo’s_Egineering-Process.pptx (729 KB)
GeeTwo’s_Drive_System_Primer.pptx (501 KB)
GeeTwo’s_Drive_System_Primer2.pptx (328 KB)

I presented 2 today, and in 25 minutes I only got through the holonomic drive section, and some of those were rushed. I anticipate that it would take another 10-15 minutes to get completely through. This is at least partly because I spent q few minutes on the “no wheeled drive train” point, citing examples of 71 in Zone Zeal, pure climbers in Ultimate Ascent, and conveyors in Recycle Rush. If the goal were to make this into 3 25-minute presentations (perhaps next year), I’d push off all of the generic stuff about actuated and steered wheels and robots without wheels to the third brief, and spend this one focused exclusively on what you can do with fixed axle systems. Then, I’d expand the swerve and crab and “oddball” discussions in more detail.

We played all 3 or your Power Point Presentations at last night meeting. It spawned a lot of discussions about our development process and our experiences. The emphasis on scheduling, gave me the opportunity to tell a joke about an Optimist and a Pessimist.

Our team has a lot of rookies, so your presentation gave them insight into what is coming.


You’re welcome, though I had to go back and read it again; I didn’t remember there being much about the schedule. However, as it is the one resource you cannot save or get more of, any discussion of a process will incorporate a bit of time management as well.