paper: Gear Generator for Pro/E, Solidworks

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Gear Generator for Pro/E, Solidworks
by: Tom Ore

This is a spreadsheet that creates IBL files of gears for import into Creo (Pro/E.) It also has a basic gear design function and it can animate the gear profiles as they roll together.

This is a spreadsheet that generates IBL files which can be imported into Creo (Pro/E) to create gears. The required input data is fairly simple. I’ve preloaded it with some AndyMark gears to show what the input data looks like. I suspect this works with Solidworks - online help says it can import IBL files.

I’ve added some new worksheets. “Spur Gear Design Assist” designs a new gearset with a few simple inputs. Some of the output fields can be modified (click on the checkbox next to the item you want to change.) The gearset can be sent to the “Input Data” page for export to CAD.

I’ve also added a “Chart” page. You can pick any two compatible gears and the gears are drawn (2D.) Hold down on the scroll bar and the gears rotate through mesh. It’s pretty cool - seeing a spreadsheet animate a gears.

I’ve formatted the worksheets to work well on an HD monitor so look for information off the screen if you have a standard monitor.