paper: GearScout 2015 Host

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GearScout 2015 Host
by: evanperryg

FRC 2338’s flashdrive scouting infrastructure. Just unzip it onto a flashdrive, and go!

Designed for use with FRC2338’s Android scouting app, GearScout.

Unzip the ZIP file onto a flashdrive you intend to use for scouting. Feel free to explore the spreadsheet’s capabilities using the dummy data. To clear the example data, run the “csv wipe” script and refresh Excel’s data connections.


  1. copy files containing numerical data into the “matchdata” folder on the flash drive.
  2. copy files containing qualitative data into the “notesdata” folder on the flash drive.
  3. run the CSV compiler batch file.
  4. update the data connections in the spreadsheet (data tab > refresh all)

This is probably going to be the last update to the Gearscout host system until after the Wisconsin Regional. Example data was removed, but one dummy instance is still there for testing purposes.

-minor bug fixes, aesthetic improvements
-pit scouting headers are now questions to be read by the pit scouters
-Tableau-friendly: a very, very in-development tableau worksheet is included in version 2. We’ve only recently started using tableau, so it’s not very sophisticated yet. We will, in the future, use tableau for big-picture strategy development. (150 KB) (2.69 MB) (3.17 MB)