paper: Generic IRI Draft List

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Generic IRI Draft List
by: IKE

For the FF IRI Draft, I made an interactive bid list generator. Please feel free to utilize.

Basic bid draft list for the IRI FF auction. It has the team numbers (with names hidden) and three sections for putting in bid. 1st bid is manual. Second bid assumes that you want to use all left over money except $1 (easy to change the formula, just adjust $1 to 5 or 10 or…). Currently teams are listed by team number smallest to largest. I would recommend adjusting the ranking to your particular choosing. This sheet also assumes your ranking stays the same for rounds 1,2, and 3. If you choose to use this, I would recommend doing your ranking on a seperate sheet and then cutting and pasting the rank into the given sheet (recommended ranking by assumed bumper quality. I heard it is crazy accurrate).

Third bid assumes you don’t want any left over money.

Generic_IRI_Draft_2013.xlsx (14.6 KB)
Generic_IRI_Draft_2013_97_03.xls (42 KB)