paper: Greater Toronto FRC Regional Scouting Database

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Greater Toronto FRC Regional Scouting Database
by: astephen68

This is a Greater Toronto FRC Regional Scouting Database that has everything set up check it up and look at it!

Greater Toronto FRC Regional Scouting Database

Greater Toronto Regional Scoutting database.xls (563 KB)
Greater_Toronto_Regional_Scoutting_database(1).xls (585 KB)

Here is My Scouting database Check it out!!!


sorry to disturb you, If you dun mind can you prepare the same one for waterloo. It would be a great for me and our Team 1219.Plz Reply ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.

Bilal Shahid
Team 1219/

Yeah I guess So it might take me a week or two when do you need it by???


Thanks man for helping out. IT would be nice if you can send it to me by 15 March 2007. Once again thank you ver much from me and Team 1219.

Bilal Shahid
Team 1219

your very welcome


dude i have a question , If I have to change the Ranks,QP, Rp and Stats do i have to do it manually or is there another way of dong it?

Team 1219.

How would I go about making one of these (interlinked like yours) for the regionals I am attending.

I know how to make a simple list, but How do you get it all interlinked like that.

Yeah you’ll have to change it manually but it would go fast if you click the hyperlinks.

Just Use this one and then change the teams Numbers at the begining at the hyperlinks and the bottom and just remove what you don’t need alright. Here’s my email [email protected] if you need to contact me with more details.

Here is the Link for the Waterloo Regional Scouting Database I made

Hey guys I have just made an update to my scouting database