Paper: Guam FIRST - Grantmaking Using Actionable Metrics

While working with grant providers our friends at GuamFIRST identified the need for a more flexible approach to help target teams. They also found the issue of Rookie/New Veteran/Veteran and how to classify teams to be difficult, confusing, and inconsistent while not meeting their overall goal of transparency to teams, sponsors, and volunteers.

Developing the GUAM program built on existing work while emphasizing simplicity of computation while simultaneously giving struggling teams more opportunity to access grants. Additionally, new teams will receive a GUAM level appropriate with that of their member’s prior teams (where applicable) resolving any concerns of things like “Super Rookies” that have plagued existing systems.

GuamFIRST Advice for Grant Providers.pdf (250.2 KB)



It appears they’re still at it!

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