paper: Homemade robot overview/ summer project proposal

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Homemade robot overview/ summer project proposal
by: 3dude_2231

an overview of my summer project: building a homemade robot.

It was summer… season was over… I was sitting bored at home…
missing the action of FIRST… the excitement…
And thought to myself: “Well, do something with it!!”
And that’s how this project was born.
I bet you know the feeling =)
EDIT: I added a video demonstrating PWM reding

Robot.pps (463 KB)
Robot2.pps (465 KB)

strangely I’m unable to remove the first version of the presentation.
please download the second one,
no significant difference, but I added a link to a video of an experiment I conducted.

and if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to call at the middle of the night…
ahh… or just PM me, MSN is great too…