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How I Work PDFs
by: AllenGregoryIV

How I Work Series in PDF format.

We have been running the How I Work Series on our blog for the past six weeks and we want to make sure these are archived for future FIRSTers. The PDF format can be read on eReaders and most other devices. These will be updated slower than the blog but hopefully they will all find their way here.

ScottRippetoe-ThisisHowIWork.pdf (524 KB)
AdamFreeman-ThisisHowIWork.pdf (414 KB)
MasonMarkee-ThisisHowIWork.pdf (2.75 MB)
AndrewLynch-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (871 KB)
DannyDiaz-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (170 KB)
JessJankowitsch-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (268 KB)
PDFKietChau-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (697 KB)
PDFDavidBodmer-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (251 KB)
PDFNormanMorgan-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (1.16 MB)
JohnJack-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (314 KB)
JustinMontois - HowIWork.pdf (430 KB)
KarthikKanagasabapathy - ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (275 KB)
JustinRidley-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf.pdf (459 KB)
JennyBeatty-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (443 KB)
PaulJohnson-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (300 KB)
PJLewalski-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (668 KB)
AlexCormier-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (317 KB)
WendyHolladay-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (329 KB)
LibbyKamen-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (393 KB)
TyTremblay-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (395 KB)
JasonBall-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (312 KB)
GlennLee-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (418 KB)
ShellyGaydos-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (344 KB)
TylerHoltzman-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (649 KB)
RyanDognaux-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (372 KB)
JimZondag-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (374 KB)
JonathanBryant-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (347 KB)
KatieWiden - ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (531 KB)
KristineAtiyeh-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (352 KB)
GregMcKaskle - ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (565 KB)
Adrienne Emerson-ThisIsHowIWork.pdf (842 KB)

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