paper: How To Film Your Robot

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How To Film Your Robot
by: iVanDuzer

An introduction to creating a build vlog focused on appealing to a non-STEM audience.

How to Film Your Robot was a seminar presented at the 2014 FIRST Championship Event.

The PPT has speaker’s notes attached which outlines the 24/7 model presented in the seminar.

The PDF is a beginner’s guide to advanced filmmaking. It assumes you have basic knowledge of editing, and focuses on theory: how to construct your video, how to frame your shots, and more.

How to Film your Robot.pptx (10.9 MB)

The Powerpoint file is the same one that I used during my seminar, with added speaker’s notes to flesh out what is covered on the slides. It introduces my 24/7 Build Vlog Model, which focuses on people and personal relationships over the actual engineering. After all, as we know, “It’s not about the robot…”

The attached PDF is a paper that covers different aspects of video creation in detail. I cover how to pre-plan your video, how to structure your video to be engaging, how to construct sequences, how to compose a shot, editing basics, and audio editing (for Final Cut Pro X users).

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in this thread. I will answer them ASAP.

I’m sorry if I’m missing it, but are there any links to any of the videos you have produced?

Some of 3710’s videos can be found here.

Thanks Brennan for sharing the link! Knew I was forgetting something.

All of 3710’s 24/7 episodes (and there are more to come) are uploaded to our That page is missing a bunch of my more polished works, as they’re on the festival circuit right now and festivals don’t like it when stuff they want to show is floating around on the internet.