paper: How to Host an Off-Season Event - 2015

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How to Host an Off-Season Event - 2015
by: Chris Fultz

Updated information and guidance on setting up and hosting an off-season event. This includes basics plus examples from a large and small event.

This document provides guidance on how to plan, organize and host an off-season event. This is version 3 of the paper. This update includes new materials based on changes in processes and includes references from a large event (IRI) and a smaller event (IndyRAGE).

Developing and Hosting Off-Season FRC Events 10-2015 Update.pdf (429 KB)

This is the 2015 update of “How to Host an Off-Season Event”.

This version incorporates references to both a larger event (IRI) and smaller event (IndyRAGE) and adds some other updates.

The paper is also hosted on the FIRST website, on the “Off-Season Events” page, which can be found here -

Thank you Chris for putting this together. This is a very useful guide for teams looking to start or improve their off-season events.