paper: How to Host an Off Season Event

This paper gives guideance and direction on how to host an off-season FRC event. It begins with the early planning stages and goes through an after event wrap up session.

The paper is based on the Indiana Robotics Invitational and other experiences from the authors, Chris Fultz and Andy Baker and input from many other people who have edited and added material since the original version was published. The document includes general information and specifics on the IRI as a reference.

This paper is hosted on the FIRST website and the link below takes you to the page where it can be downloaded. There is lots of other good information on the FIRST page regarding off-season events.

Chris & Andy:

Thanks so much for publishing this.
I just wanted to emphasize what I feel is the major issue in the planning process for a new off-season. Choosing the best calendar date for your event is essential. I have witnessed many new events that have failed over the last 5 years because they did not carefully consider the needs of their market.
This is the very first step towards a successful event.

Not only do you need available customers, but you also need to leave some breathing space before and after other events taking place in your area. The volunteer base and the energy of the teams is not an unlimited resource. You need recovery time in between events. Just something to think about before moving forward.

Here is the link to click to the file.

Anyone have a current link to the Off-season even host document? The FIRST link appears to be down.

I got the same problem two days ago, but fortunately, I found a saved copy on my personal OneDrive. Here’s the link:

Maybe OP has a more recent version?

The 2011 version is also downloadable from the CD Media page (where this thread originated from).

The FIRST link appears to be broken, but the document on CD is the same version.

After CHP, i will send a note to FIRST with a request to correct the link.