paper: How to IRI

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How to IRI
by: Chris Fultz

This paper describes the planning activity and steps required to host an off-season FIRST event. It was written by Chris Fultz and Andy Baker.

This paper provides information for the planning, organizing and completing an off season FIRST event. The paper is based on several years experience with the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) and involvement with other FIRST events.

How to IRI 20 January 2008.doc (80.5 KB)

After the IRI (Indiana Robotics Invitational) each year, we are asked for information and documentation on the planning of the event by others who want to host an off-season FRC competition.

This paper has been in process for a while and I think it is ready for “prime time” now.

Please use it as a guide and we hope it will assist you in planning your own event.

The paper is a compilation of notes and ideas and experience from Chris Fultz and Andy Baker.

Please send us any comments or suggestions or questions.