paper: How to Watch the 2018 FIRST Power Up Robotics Game

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How to Watch the 2018 FIRST Power Up Robotics Game
by: ThunderChief

This guide explains the basic flow of the FIRST Power Up Game to a VIP, family member or visitor who is new to the Game. It suggests what to watch on the field and tells why robots are doing what they are doing. Scoring is explained with examples and predictions. It covers the many choices teams make depending on how the game is progressing.

It is best to read this while you watch a match. The theme of the music and visual images is an old-fashioned (1980s) video arcade game. The idea is that the “Boss” has trapped the teams inside a video game and the only way to escape is to score the most points and “Defeat the Boss”.
The randomly selected 6 robots on the field, for each match, are randomly assigned to either the “Red” temporary Alliance or the “Blue” temporary Alliance. The main task is for the robots to pick up the yellow “Power Cubes” and place them quickly and accurately at strategic points on the field, which most robots will be able to do (to a greater or lesser degree).

How to Watch Power Up FIRST Robotics Game.docx (142 KB)

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Great resource for newcomers to watching robotics events.

Glad to be of service. This helped team 3476, Code Orange, be the #1 Seed and Winner in Roebling.