paper: Introduction to Basic Robotics Parts/Systems

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Introduction to Basic Robotics Parts/Systems
by: snoman

very basic info ppt for new students

very basic info ppt for new students

Introduction to Basic Robotics.pptx (9.34 MB)

Nice intro to the robot! - I did notice a few minor points you might want to rearrange:

  • On the PCM slide, it states that the PCM has an integrated pressure switch. The switch is external to the PCM. It would be more accurate to say that the PCM has an integrated compressor shutoff controlled by a pressure switch.
  • On the motor controller slide, it isn’t clear that all three of the displayed controllers can be operated via PWM.
  • What do you mean by the statement that the Classmate PC is the newest component? We’re still using the same one we got four years ago, though most of the control system has since been replaced.
  • On the last content slide, “Signal Flow”, the signals do not go through the PDP, but directly through the PWM cable from the RoboRIO to the Jaguar. If you wanted to add the PDP, I would also add the battery and breaker, and include a “power flow” (perhaps with red arrows) that goes from the battery through the breaker to the PDP, to the Jaguar, at which point it runs “with the signal” through the path to the wheels.

Thanks for the advice. As with everything it’s a work in progress. We will update and plan on posting more how 2s soon. If anyone has any requests on anything from tool usage to wiring let me know. When we create it video will be on youtube. Search frc team 3275