Paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator 2016


Still hoping for this!!



You can make your own NEO motor in the calculator. :wink:

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Just go to the Data tab and enter in the stats for any motor you want, and they will populate in the drop down cells for each tab you use.



Does anyone have a google sheets version of the calculator available? My school issued laptop doesn’t currently have Office on it :frowning:



i got you.

edit: shared it with you on your gmail…

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Alternatively, the calculator made by Aren Hill and Dillon Carey is native to google sheets and its pretty useful too. FRC Mechanical Design Calculator (By Dillon Carey and Aren Hill)

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You can just download it and then upload it to your Google Drive. No need to have Office locally.



Hadn’t tried it yet but wanted to ensure it doesn’t lose any functionality.



If you’re having trouble figuring out the download links (stats show most people don’t use the date-codes to figure out what the LATEST version actually is)…

I’m planning to keep the links at updated.
I just fixed them to reflect the changes to Chief Delphi.

I have plenty of updates to the sheet halfway done, but my 2018 “got away from me” due to some job changes. My ambitions keep seeming to over-reach my capability. (maybe this is a good opportunity for me to remind myself to “build within my limits.”)



JVN-Design Calc Question

JVN’s calculator works fine after import in my experience. Some of the image/text formatting goes weird is all, don’t let that scare you.

The iterative-calculators for sprint distance that Ari and Alpard have built in Excel (at separate times) do not work in Google Docs. Fortunately, Aren & Dillon’s calculator is native to Docs and does :slight_smile: Follow SPang’s link above.

Aren & Dillon’s calculator goes into significantly more depth, so I find JVN’s easier to teach with more inexperienced students - basically, JVN makes a larger number of invisible assumptions, on things that don’t matter to >95% of teams, so we can move faster to answer questions like “what gears do I need to use 6” wheels to move 14fps" instead of getting side tracked on exact DC wire sizes and run lengths.