Paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator

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JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculator
by: JVN

Spreadsheet which helps with the design of robot mechanisms & drivetrains which use DC motors.

This is the “JVN Gearing Spreadsheet” which can be used to help design robot mechanisms & drivetrains which use DC motors.

NEWEST VERSION HERE: Paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator 2016

Older versions:

JVN-DesignCalc.20130105.xlsx (26.9 KB)

I just uploaded the 2013-01-05 version of JVN-DesignCalc.
This version is greatly simplified from previous versions. The intent is to strip out all the stuff which isn’t relevant and make it easier to use.

Note, this version makes it much easier to iterate. Simply copy / paste the gearing section to play with multiple gearbox numbers for the same input parameters.


First off, many thanks for the reupload. I was hoping you could clarify though, why in 1-Speed Drive (or 2-Speed Drive for that matter) when calculating you multiply by .0254/2 (radius conversion?) and then divide by .3048*60 (revolution per unit time conversion?). More specifically, where do .0254 and .3048 come from? I understand that .0254/.3048 = 1/12 (which handles the in-ft unit conversion), but… :confused:

.0254 meters = 1 inch
.3048 meters = 1 foot

It’s a conversion between metric and standard. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the update calculator! I like how the specs for motor combinations are listed. I might be missing something, but I think it would be a good idea to remove the Fisher Price motors from the specs page as they can’t be used this year.

Thanks John, this is going to make it much easier to teach students to use this.

Hey John Still at it huh! Well Good for you!
Now that I’ve been out of FIRST my sister and nephew are involved now in NYC.

Hope all is well and we’ll catch up sometime in the future!!


:confused: Are you looking through the entire motor list to just the right motor?
:confused: Tired of clicking between tabs and cutting and pasting?

I wanted to let people know about a version of the JVN ss that I tweaked and shared.

I added the motors in a drop down list on each application tab so you can select the motor that you like and the values will get pulled in automatically.

Feel free to download this version and take it for a spin.

JVN Calcs - Drop down list version

If you think of your own improvements please share them.

-Alan G