paper: K-Botics 2809 Reversible Bumpers White Paper

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K-Botics 2809 Reversible Bumpers White Paper
by: Jonathan Norris

Instructions for any team looking to make simple reversible bumpers instead of having to make two separate sets of blue and red bumpers.

Detailed instructions on how to create reversible bumpers, that can change colour without removing the bumpers. All the construction and sewing instructions are included.

kbotics-reversible-bumper.pdf (127 KB)

I would also like to recognize one of our teachers and mentors Rachel for creating this great white paper! thanks Rachel!

Excellent idea! I hate changing bumpers each and every match! This will for sure solve that problem!

Thanks a lot for the directions!

Thank you for this information. It is most helpful.

OMG THANK YOU!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: This is what we are wanting to use this year and I just found your post linked to in another forum!!