paper: Kick-off Team Building Exercise

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Kick-off Team Building Exercise
by: SteveGPage

This is a quick team building exercise, to help students start to think outside the box.

FRC 836, The Robobees, will be using this team building exercise during our kick-off meeting on Saturday, January 8th.

This team building exercise was inspired by the Marshmallow Challange, as seen on TED 2010 ( The game is designed to have kids quickly work together to model and prototype ideas, evaluate scoring strategies, determine design limitations, etc…

It was intentionally designed to force students (and mentors, too!) to evaluate priorities and assumptions. Hopefully this will help the team when we start to evaluate the 2011 game!

Comments, suggestions, corrections, expansions, etc… are all encouraged!


Strategy Mentor, FRC 836

Noodle Your Noodle - Team Building Game.pdf (64.8 KB)

We created this game as a way to do a bit of team building prior to our game evaluation and design meeting. Our hope is that this will get students and mentors to start to think outside the box, evaluate the impact of game rules, points and penalties. This game is also designed to encourage prototyping, evaluation of assumptions, testing, etc…

We would love any comments, corrections, suggestions, etc…