paper: Killer Bees Chassis Design 2010

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Killer Bees Chassis Design 2010
by: Jim Zondag

Overview of Team 33 2010 Articulating Chassis Design

We put this presentation together from our CAD models to showcase our unique Articulating Chassis Design. The was a very successful design and won several tech awards, including the Industrial Design Award in Atlanta. This design is actually simple in concept and execution, with a single actuator and a single pivot. The actuation is combined with the Lifter Arm Actuation, so we were able to motivate two devices with a single CIM motor with this design.

Buzz15_Robot_Design.pptx (1.23 MB)

An important aspect to this design is that it allows us to have a very repeatable heading going over the bump in order to do a 5-ball autonomous. We would often defer to 3-ball for strategic reasons, but it was very useful in certain key situations.

Thanks guys, for preparing and sharing. Very nice paper. And congrats for the win at TARDEC.

Do you still have the cad models for this that you’d be willing to share?