paper: Krishna Yarabarla's Dean's List Nomination

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Krishna Yarabarla’s Dean’s List Nomination
by: Waynep

Congratulations to 2nd year junior team member Krishna Yarabarla on receiving the honor of being named to Dean’s List.

Following Kressly’s Lead on this one. FRC1923’s Krishna Yarabarla’s Dean’s List Nomination - 2010 New Jersey Regional. We’re really proud of the efforts of ALL of our team members, but Krishna is certainly most deserving of these honors.

2010 Deans List Nomination - Krishna Yarabarla.pdf (92.8 KB)

Congratulations to all of the Dean’s List Finalist Award Recipients this year. We’re proud to share the nomination written for 2010 New Jersey Regional Award recipient Krishna Yarabarla of FRC1923.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that the reasons each of these deserving students were named to Dean’s List was not announced at the events, but certainly hope on CD we can celebrate our outstanding students leaders and their accomplishments.


Congratulations, Krishna, for garnering this wonderful award. I can just imagine some of the smiles on your team’s faces. 1923 is a team made up of heart and determination and your contributions to your team reflect that spirit.

Wayne, thank you for sharing the team’s essay with the CD community - it gives us an opportunity to celebrate with all of you.


Congratulations Krishna. This is obviously very well deserved and, after reading your story, I certainly hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday.

Thanks so much for sharing Wayne. 1923 has a lot to be proud of.

Sometimes I think back to my years as a student and like to think I made big contributions to my team…then I read stuff like this and see how much more others have achieved. Definitely a guy worth meeting.

Side note: Very well written paper as well. Just made it that much clearer he really deserved the recognition.

Thank you all for these auspicious comments with such meaning that make me one better FIRST member/student. I would love to meet all of you and gain as much advice as possible. Hopefully, we all do meet in the near future. Repeatedly, I am still to this day speechless about being one of the 92 recipients to this prestigious award. I will continue to work just as hard and with experience, even harder to make 1923 sustainable, and to give FIRST one more dedicated student. Thank You!

-Krishna Yarabarla