paper: Lazy Mentor Training System

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Lazy Mentor Training System
by: jwhite

This paper presents the Lazy Mentor Training System, a curriculum and process designed to give students skills and self confidence, in the hope that mentors can be lazier.

During the 2013 build season, the mentors of Team 2823 found themselves doing more work on the robot than they felt was appropriate or ideal.

In the off season, the mentors of 2823 devised and implemented a training curriculum designed to teach students to successfully build a robot on their own.

This white paper provides an overview of that system, and shares the results of our experiment.

We hope that other teams may find some use of it, and perhaps even collaborate with us to expand the lesson set.

LazyMentor.pdf (1.31 MB)

I see that this was created in 2014. Has any work been done on this since? I am a lead mentor of a soon-to-be 3rd year team and am seriously considering using some of this curriculum. Any input is welcome!

No, we haven’t really updated it since then. We have been fortunate to have more mentors, which allows a more hands on training, which people enjoy more. Also note that the original link no longer works, but see this post for a current copy:

Wow, this is a gold mine of information! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the updated link! If other teams use this, please let me know. I’d truly appreciate a collaboration.