paper: Lightning Robotics Team Manual

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Lightning Robotics Team Manual
by: Joe J.

862’s Team Manual is broken up into 7 separate books each relating to a different area of team operation.

Team Handbook describes the basic rules and expectations of team members.

Safety Handbook lays out our leveled safety training program.

Officer & Team Leader Handbook outlines all the need to know information for our Officer, Team Leaders, & Driver Team members

Hours Card Policy outlines our Build Season hour recording program

Officer Contracts for Officers to sign upon accepting the duties of their Office

Style Guide describes how we as a team present ourselves, from document uniformity, to Uniforms, to cheers.

RPM By-Laws are for our booster club the Robotics Parents & Mentors

Team Handbook Rev. 4.pdf (310 KB)
Safety Handbook Rev. 1.doc (180 KB)
Officer & Team Leader Handbook Rev. 1.doc (205 KB)
Hours Card Policy Rev. 1.doc (260 KB)
Officer Contracts Rev. 1.doc (135 KB)
Style Guide Rev. 2.doc (436 KB)
RPM By-laws Rev. 2.doc (138 KB)