paper: Lightweight Excel Scouting Sheet

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Lightweight Excel Scouting Sheet
by: Ben Martin

Useful for scouting robots with limited technology resources.

This is a lightweight Excel spreadsheet designed to crunch numbers quickly for scouting.

The spreadsheet is built to have these functions:

  1. You choose what data fields you scout. Two notes fields and 22 numerical fields are available.
  2. Team and match lookup
  3. Load pictures from your hard drive
  4. Build theoretical 3-team alliances and project potential points per alliance
  5. Data consolidation and sorting

All data must be manually entered into the spreadsheet or linked from an outside source.

Feel free to use or edit it however you wish. If you have any questions, just post or PM me. I have included a version of the spreadsheet with data from the 2009 Buckeye Regional for example purposes.

Scouting Lite v1.00 with data.xls (350 KB)
Scouting Lite v1.00.xls (275 KB)