paper: Lunacy strategy development and team building game

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Lunacy strategy development and team building game
by: DGMentor

Robot Casserole developed this game using students as robots to help develop various strategies. This prepared them for concept development.

Lunacy Strategy development game uses students as robots. They use plastic golf balls of 3 colors in place of Orbit Balls, 2 students are tied back to back (robot and trailer), plastic container help by trailer, and elbows held at waist. Each team chooses various predefined startegies and work within an alliance based on the number of student and space available. It is a nice team building exercise in addition to a tool to better understand the rules. See attachment and adjust to your needs. Good Luck.

Lunacy Strategy game.doc (32.5 KB) for video is now available.

I don’t know how much this will really actually help teams with strategy, but it would be really funny to watch, im going to try and get my team to try it.

This game significantly changed the minds of many of our rookie team members from a very defensive startegy to an offensive one. They found that tossing ball from the payload specialists may not be very effective so redirected their thinking to a more offensive strategy. It was also very fun team building activity.