paper: Lunacy Strategy Guide

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Lunacy Strategy Guide
by: lynca

Team 2587, the DiscoBots wrote a strategy guide for the 2009 Lunacy FIRST Robotics game challenge. The guide covers driving with trailers, proper pinning and human player essentials.

The guide was written by the DiscoBots’ student coach for the whole team to be aware of the Robot’s strategy. We hope other teams enjoy the guide and provide feedback through suggestions or compliments !

2587_Lunacy_Stragey.pdf (240 KB)

Props Andrew :slight_smile:

Actually, one of the high school students (Lalo) wrote the strategy guide. :smiley:

A few week before the Lone Star Regional, he watched a ton of matches from TBA as well as the Dallas Regional and compiled the strategy paper based on common occurrences he saw in the matches.

Very nice. Where were you on January 3? :rolleyes:

Yeah, I replied before opening the document so I didn’t realize that it was compiled by “Lalo Torres”. Props to him then!