paper: MAT_Lab_VIEW Translation

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MAT_Lab_VIEW Translation
by: Lucario231

Code from “Programming in Labview: Tips and Tricks” are translated into Matlab/Simulink code.

The zip file has a docx and a pdf of the paper. Also there are Matlab/Simulink files to examine. Rev 1 has corrections to Dynamic Braking. LabView asks for the desired input and the feedback for the PID. Matlab/Simulink needs it to bne done before the signal goes to PID.

MAT_Lab_VIEW Translation paper (1.53 MB)

If you have downloaded the paper, please go back to the link. There was an error in the Matlab/SImulink version of Dynamic Braking. Labview asks for the input (reference) signal as well as the feedback signal. For Matlab/Simulink, the error signal has to be created separately. Sorry about that.