Paper: Mecanum and Omni Kinematic and Force Analysis

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Mecanum and Omni Kinematic and Force Analysis
by: Ether

Mecanum and Omni wheel kinematic and force analysis and programming. Omni vs mecanum force and kinematic comparison. Bump-free mecanum roller profile.


-----------------Mecanum Kinematic Analysis---------------------------

Mecanum Kinematic Analysis 100531.pdf (60.3 KB)

Given a desired vehicle motion, shows how to calculate
the necessary mecanum wheel speeds to achieve that motion.

--------------Mecanum Force Vector Analysis--------------------------

mecanum_force_vector_analysis.pdf (104 KB)

explains the forces and torques acting on a mecanum wheel,
and why a mecanum vehicle has less traction

----------Mecanum Programming: Single and Double Joystick------------

mec or omni w gyro 1-26-2011.pdf (35.9 KB)

--------------Halo Auto-Rotate (Halo-AR) Driver interface--------------

A single 2-axis joystick does field-centric control of forward/reverse
and strafe right/left motion, while the robot automatically and
simultaneously rotates to face the direction it is commanded.

mec gyro follower (26.6 KB)

----------------Omni vs Mecanum Forces and Kinematics-----------------

omni vs mec forces 100627_.pdf (18.4 KB)

------------------Omni Rotation Calculator--------------------------- (64.6 KB)

Calculates the required speeds of each of the 4 omni wheels to achieve
rotation about an arbitrary center of rotation (which may be located
outside the robot frame).

-------------Omni rotation derivation of equations----------------- (60.8 KB)

shows how the equations used in the omni rotation calculator were derived.

--------------- “Bump-Free” Mecanum Roller Design------------------------

how to profile a mecanum roller so that it is “bump-free”,
ie it conforms to the circular circumference of the wheel

equations for “bump-free” mecanum roller profile RevC:
mecanum ‘bumpless’ roller profile RevC.pdf (22.2 KB)

bump-free mecanum roller equations (alternate derivation):
bump-free mecanum roller equations (alternate derivation).zip (62.9 KB)

Win32 “bump-free” mecanum roller profile calculator: (25 KB)

mecanum roller design calculator: (7.81 KB)

parabolic profile roller projection to XY plane forms circular arc:
parabola (59.4 KB)

roller profile parabola vs ellipse comparison:
roller profile parabola vs ellipse.pdf (9.99 KB)

errata & updates 100731b.txt (3.23 KB)
mecanum programming Rev (2.21 KB)
mecanum gyro revB.pdf (15 KB) (2.29 KB)
mec X & O rect & square.pdf (19 KB)
mec or omni w gyro 1-21-2011.pdf (34.4 KB)
theta3.pdf (8.24 KB)
Kiwi Omniwheel Inverse Kinematics.pdf (27 KB)
swerve kinematics and programming.pdf (22.8 KB)


Excellent paper, though maybe a little heavy-duty for most HS students.

These are awesome, not too heavy for me (student)!