paper: Motor inertia identification


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Motor inertia identification
by: phargo#1018

Report on characterization testing of motors to identify motor inertia

The attached paper describes the approach, equations, setup, operation, and results produced in testing performed this fall by FIRST FRC team #1018.

Given that we have this equipment assembled, additional tests do not take very long. We will attempt to test this year’s motor set, time permitting. Additional testing can probably be performed after competitions are over!!

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We also have a video of some of the testing. When able, we will post a link to the video as well.

Motor Inertia Identification 181225.pdf (420 KB)



As indicated in the white paper posting, we took a video of one of the tests. Hopefully the video will help readers understand the phenomenon we examined in the test. The video is at this link:

This particular test was conducted on a pair of 775Pro motors.



Attached is an updated result that includes the inertia for the REV NEO motor.

The REV NEO inertia was identified by using a MiniCIM to operate the test with the REV NEO as the driven motor.

Motor Inertia Identification 190106.pdf (433.1 KB)