paper: N.I.D.E.C. Nominally Iterative Deterministic Approach to Efficient Computation of Swerve Motion...

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N.I.D.E.C. Nominally Iterative Deterministic Approach to Efficient Computation of Swerve Motion…
by: Ryan-Greenblatt

… Profiles Limited by Wheel Acceleration and Velocity. This paper outlines algorithms that account for curvature and rotation in swerve motion profiles.

Most swerve profiling algorithms effectively assume that curvature and rotation have a negligible effect. For some paths this assumption can be very problematic, so we have developed an approach for using at wheel acceleration limited (trapezoidal) profiles.

nidec.pdf (1.04 MB)

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I know you poured a lot of time into this paper, specifically the title. Let the flow of comments begin!

I don’t think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to fake it. And I’ll never wind that armature aga-a-a-ain!

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Are you implying that our extremely thorough, and exhaustive motor testing was faked?

Really good stuff! Did you use this successfully in 2018? I was talking to 2481 and they were saying they couldn’t get rotation and translation working at the same time. I’m not going to speak for them but I’m pretty sure they were doing some pose esitmation and running profiles off of that. While I think you guys are doing 4 individual profiles.

I saw a video of you guys at district champs and it seemed like it was working…

I really appreciate the white paper!


No, simply that the paper did not even mention legal brushless FRC motors that I noticed. I also failed to notice any source of power or control in the whole “Flat Jack” series of NIDEC pictures. Fake news. :rolleyes:

This was used in 2018 but it did take us a while before we were able to use it. We had some odd encoder issues that are still a bit mystical. We did resolve that before DCMP and it was working there.

I have to say - despite him trying to embarrass me - that this was Ryan’s magnum opus for the team. It’s quite the accomplishment in my book. It was a couple years in the making and I’m really glad he caught his zebra-striped narwhal (white whales are too easy).