paper: Nerd Herd 687 Guides to Fundraising 2014

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Nerd Herd 687 Guides to Fundraising 2014
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The Nerd Herd’s administration sub-team has created a guide to fundraising in hopes of assisting other teams in starting or growing their own administration branch and in finding new and inventive ways to earn funds for the team while spreading the word of FIRST. Also included are guides to two of our major yearly fundraisers.

The Nerd Herd wishes you the best of luck, and hopes that you find our guide to fundraising to be helpful in your quest for raising funds for your team.

Guide to Fundraising 2013-2014.pdf (4.16 MB)
Guide to Winter Fest 2013-2014.pdf (3.66 MB)
Guide to Halloween Night 2013-2014.pdf (3 MB)