paper: Occam's Engineers '06-'07 Robot Construction Guide

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Occam’s Engineers '06-'07 Robot Construction Guide
by: nonother

Occam’s Engineers construction guide for their '06-'07 robot named Scobes.

This is Occam’s Engineers construction guide for their '06-'07 robot, designed in PowerPoint. It shows the general design characteristics of the robot, but not the exact placement of components.

Scobes Construction Guide_lowres2.pdf (1.31 MB)

Ladies and gentlemen, this might well be one of the best white papers I’ve read. They’ve broken down, step by step, how to build a robot capable of winning a world title. Is it a bunch of detailed CAD drawings? No. Could I give my team this white paper, a pile of Vex parts, and expect a similar robot? I bet so.