paper: Octomechanum 2220 blue twilight

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Octomechanum 2220 blue twilight
by: Alexanderthecad

Off season drive train prototype

a Cad of all parts bought and ordered from VexPro in solidworks file detailed drawings included. Download all and save to file then open with solidworks to view

747b2ddc75aff6e9cff8b16d0b2f24eb.5 hex bearing.SLDPRT (91 KB)
7ef52f55306db49e452ae2437d5677d3.5in hex bearing.oxps (47.9 KB)
2in Bar Stock Inner Frame.oxps (42.7 KB)
2in base for set up.SLDPRT (145 KB)
3.6in .5in hex shaft.oxps (44.3 KB)
3.25 in traction wheel.SLDPRT (4.1 MB)
3.25in traction wheel.oxps (143 KB)
4in mecha wheel left.SLDASM (1.51 MB)
4in mecha wheel right.SLDASM (1.55 MB)
4in mecha wheel.oxps (124 KB)
24 tooth .5 hex.SLDPRT (397 KB)
24Tooth .5in hex Pulley.oxps (58.6 KB)
42 tooth.SLDASM (628 KB)
42Tooth Versa pulley.oxps (114 KB)
Gear Box 40.12 two gear reduction.SLDASM (1.25 MB)
Final Asm.oxps (339 KB)
Gear Box Mount.oxps (73.7 KB)
Gear Box Mount.SLDPRT (220 KB)
Hex Shaft 3.6 in.SLDPRT (148 KB)
Hex Shaft.SLDPRT (140 KB)

I would highly recommend sharing future CAD files as a STEP file or at least in a ZIP. Frankly downloading a bunch of individual parts is a pain.

Pleaseā€¦ this.
Save as a STEP file. I can live without the mates, honestly.