paper: Oklahoma Legislature will appropriate $100,000 to start new teams!

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Oklahoma Legislature will appropriate $100,000 to start new teams!
by: Barry Bonzack

This letter was sent out by Karl N. Reid, a dean at Oklahoma State University. It shares some exciting news as well as some great quotes.

We have just received information that will stun the educational community in Oklahoma, and we knew you would be interested in this announcement. The Oklahoma State Legislature will appropriate $100,000 to fund 20 new high school robotics teams at $5000 per team! Your school may be eligible for one of these grants.

High_School_Educator_2.doc (122 KB)

That’s great, Barry. Just what I am looking for…do you know of any others? I’m still looking…:slight_smile:

Wow. Great news! The sound you hear in the background is a MOE cheer for all of FIRST- Do you think we’re at a tipping point yet? I can’t wait…

Clap clap --clap clap clap–clap clap clap clap. GO FIRST!

Wow… That’s great!
This fall, I’m expecting to be a college freshman at Oklahoma Christian University on the north side of OKC. I was already thinking about starting an FRC team(s) there, but now I have no excuses!