paper: OPR On Steroids

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OPR On Steroids
by: Jon Stratis

One of the students on my team created an app to calculate OPR over a lot more than just the final score. Using the FRC Event Api ( we can get just about any piece of information the field records - high goals, low goals, challenges, scales, captures, defense crossings and breachings, auto stats. So, we calculated the OPR for every individual item from Palmetto in week 0.5.

Column descriptions:
A - The alliance selection results, manually entered. green for captain, blue for first pick, pink for second pick.
B - Team Number
C - Auto points OPR
D - Final points OPR
E - Foul points OPR
F-K - Auto points broken down into each of their earning categories
L-T - defense crossings broken down per defense. Note, position1crossings is the low bar. crossings are recorded 0, 1 or 2 based on how many times crossed (once breached, additional crossings are not recorded)
U-AC - Teleop points broken down per category.
AD-AE - Foul points
AF-AK - other categories

This is really some interesting data. For example, you can see how alliances were chosen to compliment each other on the defenses!

The API is supposed to be updated in near-realtime, making an internet connection the only limiting factor in using something like this for scouting data in picking the defenses for each match or in alliance selections themselves. What does everyone think… practical?

Scouting_SCMB.xlsx (89 KB)

Some initial analysis on these results to whet your appetite…

For alliance 1, the alliance is remarkably well balanced and complimentary. Without having the actual elims matches infront of me, I would guess they tackled the defenses with:
179 - B_Ramparts, C_SallyPort
4451 - A_ChevalDeFrise, B_Moat, D_RoughTerrain
1369 - A_Portcullis, D_RockWall

And of course they occasionally could have crossed those lines, depending on the situation on the field.

With the only odd one out being C_Drawbridge. Anyone know if this is at all similar to their apparent strategy during elims?

1369 just played defense and challenged the tower at the end.

Jon, are you confident that everything is calculating correctly? Every data point I have checked differs from TBA and the 2834 database.