paper: Optimizing Your Robot With Applied Mathematics.

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Optimizing Your Robot With Applied Mathematics.
by: Symph

Best Launch Angle and Velocity. HANDS DOWN.
-STEMpunk 4531, 2014.

[INDENT]Ever wonder what the single greatest, most spectacular, ABSOLUTE BEST angle and velocity to shoot your game piece at is?[/INDENT][SIZE=“3”][CENTER]Well, for us, it’s 39 degrees at 42.5 feet per second. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=“1”][CENTER](From ~43.3in above the ground. Giving us a 13.5 ft thick strip of the playing field to make the shot on.)[/CENTER][/SIZE]
[INDENT]If you want to optimize your robot like we did ours, for 2014 or any other year involving a goal and a projectile, I would encourage you to read on and find out how got these numbers. [/INDENT]

MathProof.docx (511 KB)