paper: OVERDRIVE Excel Scoring Spreadsheet

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OVERDRIVE Excel Scoring Spreadsheet
by: tb222

A strategy assistant for Excel that scores both HYBRID and TELE-OPERATION periods.

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, although a ReadMe file is included. I’d say this meets or exceeds my spreadsheets of yesteryear. Please, If you have any comments, or find any bugs, don’t hesitate to post!

Overdrive Score Sheetv1.0.xls (43 KB)
ReadMe.doc (106 KB)
Overdrive Score Sheetv1.1.xls (43 KB)
Overdrive Score Sheetv1.11.xls (43 KB)
Overdrive Score Sheetv1.2.xls (45 KB)
ReadMe.doc (111 KB)
Overdrive Score Sheetv2.0.xls (45.5 KB)

My annual scoring spreadsheet is done! And only about 7 hours after the game was announced!!! Please, if you find any bugs, POST THEM HERE!!! I also created a ReadMe file. This will require that you TURN MACROS ON in Excel. Please enjoy! :smiley:

OK, played and found some small things that weren’t necessarily “broken,” but just seemed like they should work better.

RESET HYBRID now clears the Hybrid and Penalty fields. (v1.0 just makes the “Working Hybrid” box equal 0)

The FINAL score box now shows “ERROR!” instead of just ##### when an error occurs in TELE mode.

So, v1.1 is born, download the new version, enjoy, strategize!:]

v.1.11 - just minor ERROR display adjustments, nothing major

v1.2 is out. I feel this is a fairly important upgrade, not quite CRITICAL, but it’ll save you a ton of headaches!:ahh: Not much has actually changed, but I made it so that the only ROBOT counters active during TELE-OPERATIONS are the ones for the respective FINISH LINES. i.e. BLUE ROBOTS are only counted when crossing the BLUE FINISH LINE (top row of counters). I did this so you don’t have to click all four counters to make the score register. I also updated the ReadMe file to include this.

v2.0 posted. Added QP & RP scoring. This always seems to be an afterthought with me…

Almost 300 downloads (once you subtract the Read Me downloads), and no comments yet:ahh: ?! I take it everything is working as expected?

Well let me start off by thanking you emmensly for this, I was looking to do something simiar but you beat me to it and you did an amazing job!!!