paper: Palmetto FF 2006 Scores

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Palmetto FF 2006 Scores
by: Billfred

The Excel file from the Palmetto FF league for 2006. Feel free to check my math.

This Excel file is what I used to settle upon the rankings for the Palmetto FF league.

WLT Scoring is a team’s records, plus the seeding points.
Awards Scoring is all the awards except for Finalist and Champion, but with Highest Match Score. (It just worked better that way.)
Elims Scoring is how things broke down in the elimination rounds. (Note that there should be four members of the eighth alliance–1436 called for an alternate before their match, which was team 337.)

Feel free to check my data. I pulled everything from the FIRST site, but I’m also a human (and an exhausted one at that, given it’s the day after Palmetto).

By the way, if you wanted to know the scores:

Billfred 68
Arefin Bari 67
Greg Needel 57
Conor Ryan 56
Alex Cormier 44
Jay Trzaskos 44
Levin571 32
Icurtis 25
1derboy 19
Koko Ed 17
Corey Balint 10
Steve Howland 8
JamesBrown -4
Tim Delles -5

FF Palmetto 2006.xls (75.5 KB)