paper: Portable Inspiration

This is our newest team venture. It has already sucessfully been used in the following places:

  1. “Curves” a local woman’s fitness center in our community.
  2. A local Boy Scout troup.
  3. With the Autistic Community in our school–an ongoing project.

This is just the begining.
We look forward to seeing where this program will take us and others who would like to use it.

Portable Inspiration
by: wadidievrdo2u

A simple, well developed, flexible, and portable robotics education experience.

Portable Inspiration is designed to expose students, educators, and communities to the experience of engineering and the design process while promoting FIRST’s ideals of Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism. The program is fueled by a passion to provide others with opportunities to learn about the excitement and benefits of STEM, robotics education and competition through hands-on experiences.

Portable_Inspiration_2007_08.doc (661 KB)

DAWGMA is looking for some feedback from everyone.

-thanks :smiley:

Have inspiration - will travel.

It looks like a well thought out package/program.
Good luck with this!