paper: Positional Motion Profiling - Team 900

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Positional Motion Profiling - Team 900
by: Ryan-Greenblatt

This paper describes the basic ideas behind motion profiling and how to use the built in motion profiling features of the Talon SRX. It is written for LabVIEW and the example code is LabVIEW, but the concepts can be applied to any other language.

This paper is the result of FRC team 900’s work with motion profiling using the Talon SRX. It includes a set of example VIs which can be used independently for testing and data generation in addition to use within larger projects. The profile generation is done using the method created by Paul Copioli with a few minor modifications. The paper also discusses the motion magic feature of the Talon SRX.

Positional Motion Profiling.pdf (661 KB)

This paper demonstrates team 900’s efforts in using motion profiling on the Talon SRX. It contains a guide for motion profiling in LabVIEW with example code, but it is applicable to all languages. Questions about the paper can be posted here and someone who worked on this project will reply.

You say it demonstrates your efforts in using motion profiling on the Talon SRX, was this profiling done experimentally or also used/planned to be used by Team 900? Or perhaps this was made as a guide for other teams looking to utilize motion profiling?

Great resource as a whole, thanks for posting!

I found it was very helpful to add acceleration feedforward in addition to velocity feedforward.

It really increased the accuracy of the robot’s position during the movement - it went from lagging by 2 inches or more to lagging by 0.5 inches at most. without it, I also saw the robot experience almost double the jerk that I specified.

Bit of both. We are putting it out there for other teams to use and hopefully learn from.