paper: Potential VEX Gear Ratios

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Potential VEX Gear Ratios
by: akeisic

The quickest way to select a VEX gear ratio. This workbook quickly determines the best 1 or 2 stage VEX gear box needed to reach the desired gear ratio.

The workbook calculates every one or two stage gear box combination possible using VEX gears and sprockets.

You can then input your desired gear ratio and design parameter (lower, closest, higher) and it’ll highlight the top combinations that meet your requirements. As it is a fairly large table, I setup the sheet so it highlights the row and column when you click on the cell.

You can also use the sheet to create ratio tables for the VEX gears, sprockets and high strength sprockets.

Potential VEX Gear Ratios.xlsm (178 KB)