paper: Programming Vex & WPILib with MPLAB for free!

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Programming Vex & WPILib with MPLAB for free!
by: GGCO

I made this tutorial to show how to set up MPLAB so you can program your VEX robots using it. All of the materials needed are available for free (all can be maintained legally too).

** Update 12/6/09 **
Make sure to use the software prescribed in the tutorial. Any newer version of MPLAB or the MCC18 compiler WILL HAVE ISSUES!
**** here is a fix created by kennypu on the vex forum: ****
If you do chose to use MPLAB v.8.40 then after clicking the build options, go to the ‘directories’ tab.
Then in ‘show directories for:’ Include Search Path’
put in:
[drive letter]:mcc18h
for ‘Library Search Path’

** Update 9/5/09 **
This is just the latest version of the tutorial, I added a troubleshooting section with content from MarkO explaining how to solve any issues with Error[1027].

A PDF file that explains how to set up MPLAB, so you can use it to program VEX robots. All of the materials are free, and legal, to maintain. I have included detailed instructions and pictures. PM on the CD forum (username = GGCO). Also, there is an ENTIRE thread on the vex forum dedicated to this topic. You can find it at:


Program Vex with MPLAB for FREE!.pdf (554 KB)