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Project Management Basics For FIRST
by: Chris Fultz

Attached is a presentation given to the Purdue FIRST class in November 2006. The intent was to provide some project management basics and show examples by comparing a simulated engine development project to a FIRST project.

This presentation was given to the Purdue FIRST class in November 2006. The presentation was to provide some basics of project management and capture the key roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager.

The presentation gave some background and then used a simulated engine development program (i.e. real world example) and a FIRST build season as examples of the main activities of a PM.

A few new slides were added to clarify what some of the slides were showing.

Program Management Basics for FIRST.ppt (562 KB)

This paper provides some basics for Project Management. This is a Power Point slide show presented at Purdue FIRST in November 2006.

(If you do not have Power Point, you can download a viewer from Microsoft.)


Thanks Chris!! I really like how you show both real world and First specific examples!