paper: Pticture from the 2008 FTC Showcase Kit

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Pticture from the 2008 FTC Showcase Kit
by: gblake

Just pictures - no text - showing some of the ways the new FTC kit’s parts (at the time of the 2008 Showcase) could fit together to form common parts of a competition machine. Also some pics of the NoVaTech team’s Showcase entry. The kit sold this Fall will have some differences.

There seems to be a dearth of information about the new kit’s parts and/or about how they can be fit together. I figured I would share these pictures to try to fill that void.

Remember that these are from the version of the kit that existed at the time of the 2008 Showcase (at the FIRST World Championships, in April 08). FIRST is changing/improving some of the parts; but I don’t know any details about which parts or how they will change.

Of course, I might not have been the smartest fellow possessing one of these early versions of the new kit, so if someone out there can give better or more elegant examples of building the same mechanisms shown in these pictures, or if anyone has examples that will illustrate other uses of the kit’s parts, please upload some pictures.