paper: Quad Quandary Score Calculator

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Quad Quandary Score Calculator
by: nonother

A Java program that allows for easy score calculations for Quad Quandary. Automatically calculates opposing alliance’s best possible score, and graphically displays results.

What the program is:
A score calculator for Quad Quandary. It also auto calculates the best possible opposing alliance’s score.

How to use it:
Choose the rings scored/rung, goals possessed, and whether autonomous was won by the Red Alliance. The Red Alliance has 25 rings, and it is not possible score/ring more than 25 rings total. The rounded rectangle under each goal indicates which alliance possesses it.

The paired goals can each have 6 rings rung on them. Single goals can each have 15 rings rung on them.

What’s with the team names/numbers?
I needed to use some team names, and aside from my former team I felt it inappropriate to use real team names/numbers.

Attached is a jar file. If you have the Java Virtual Machine then opening the file should automatically launch the program. I wrote and debugged the program on OS X 10.4, and additionally tested it under Windows XP Professional virtualized in VMWare Fusion. Please let me know if you run into any errors.

QuadQuandary V1.jar (33.3 KB)