paper: Questions About Strategies

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well it is definitely hard to determine a 3 robot alliance when you are only know of 2 robots in the alliance. The key to making a perfect strategy is to know your alliance’s strengths and weakness and have an idea what the opposing alliance strengths and weaknesses are.

The strategy for this year’s game is very dependent upon each alliance partner’s strengths, along with a consideration to the members of the opposing alliance. Selecting defenses, who does what when, teamwork, and effective defense. Those who can develop the strategies that do this best, will be receiving the maximum RPs possible for each qualification match, and maximizing scores in eliminations.

But knowing the game as we do what would be the best alliance and the capabilities of those robots?

Without knowing some parameters about your robot such as time to cross defense, time to cycle a ball and average accuracy of shot, as well as height of robot and several other parameters, it’s impossible to determine your team’s role in an alliance.

If you have a 100% accuracy shooter and are able to cross all 9 defenses, but take large amounts of time crossing some of them, you may want to consider a strategy where you move as little as possible.

If your shooter is lower accuracy, but you are confident in your 9 defense-breaching ability, you may want to consider a strategy where you are your team’s main breacher, freeing the alliance up to contribute points in other ways, or optimize your breaching to fit your alliance’s weaknesses.

I would be happy to help you develop a basic match strategy if you want to discuss your robot’s capabilities and role at competition, just send me a PM.