paper: Rack & Roll Scoring Spreadsheet v1.0

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Rack & Roll Scoring Spreadsheet v1.0
by: tb222

Fairly easy to use excel program. Just click on what’s what.

OK, radio buttons are running wild! Hopefully I’ll be able to improve on it somehow. but it’s a start. Check out the discussion board for info and any bugs.

RACK-N-ROLLv4p0.xls (169 KB)
RACK-N-ROLLv4p5.xls (177 KB)

OK, v1.0 is officially posted. I see it as a BETA version. I’d like to switch to drop-down lists, but that’ll take some studying. Please inform me of any bugs that you find so I can fix them ASAP!

*If you play around with it enough you just may find an easter egg;) *

Nice work. I was working on one earlier.


I’ve basically taken this and made it my yearly project.

YAY!! I’ve gotten the ENGINEERING AWARD!!! Woohoo!

some possible errors:
i have to double cheack it but spoilers are not countering the score plus
also when 2 ringers of same aliance are on a leg i think scores are supose to be null.

Yes, two like ringers should cancel, nothing should cancel a keeper, and a spoiler ONLY cancels if it is the 2nd (right) ring.
I thought I made it to do that, I’ll have to wait till the weekend when I’m at work to check it.

Looks good! I expect this to be wildly helpful in explaining my strategy! =)

my elite maglev system has come into place quite well… engineering award for me

also, nice job. That is some serious skill in excel


hi there!

that was a great job…

it is working well… but i didn’t understand what is written in the white fields…

and i have a doubt about the pontuation… my team didn’t found any examples with a row formed in the spider legs #8 and #1… so after a lot of discussions, we still don’t know if it will be acepted…

thank you

bye, and good lucky!

Fernando Ito- ETEPTeam#1382, Brazil

white fields? Ahh, yes, the bottom row of buttons… it says ‘NADA’ which is English slang for NOTHING. -sorry about that.

Yes, I know there is currently debates as to the whole wrap-around issue. I did design this scoresheet to count the wrap-arounds and if updates state that all rows scored end at 8, then I will be sure to update the scoring ASAP and get a new version reposted.

I’m glad that some of you are getting a kick out of the ‘three elevated bot’ bonus. I’m not saying that 3 bots in the air is impossible, just award-worthy in my mind.:cool:

Just out of curiousity, has anyone else noticed any issues with the scoring? I’d like to be sure what I’m looking for when I go to debug.

I must also add that I am quite proud to have the First scoring program to be posted in the papers for the 2nd year in a row…

column #3 doesn’t seem to be working for me. More specifically when you are just doing a single on column 3, the rows appear to work.

I must say, I did release v1.0 without any major testing. I was able to play with it for about an hour last night, and I must send my apologies to the 300+ downloaders of this BETA version. If you haven’t picked up on the problems, here they are:

-column 3 does not work (simple programming error)

-in addition to scoring the columns, it also adds the points per tube (ie, a 2-tube column would equal 8 pts(4-row + 2 per tube)) This was purely an overlooked point in the original programming and will be fixed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a computer at home. I made it while I was at work (which is weekends only), and I’m at the library now (which is internet only), and then school doesn’t start until next week. However, I will head down to school tomorrow to see if I can use thier computers, if so, v2.0 will be released tomorrow fixing many of the errors that have been found in v1.0, otherwise, it’ll have to wait until Saturday.

So please, keep your eyes open for a CRITICAL UPDATE post, hopefully sometime tomorrow.

This looks great.
I am assuming that the double is to account for spoilers and what is then behind it?

Also in the next release could you add a easy reset button?

Great work

Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

P.S. Since according to your spreadsheet, we get an engineering award for raising all three bots up, we decided to build a hover craft!

P.P.S. I wish.

Version 2.0 is now posted.
I highly suggest trashing v1.0 and replace it with the new version. The scoring in version 2.0 is much more reliable than in 1.0. In 1.0, columns would add individual points from the tubes as well as the rows, this is no longer the case in 2.0. Also, column 3 just didn’t work at all, this is now fixed. I’ve played around with it a little, but it seems to be working fine for me.


If anybody knows VBA code and would be willing to help me out with a RESET, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been trying to play with it, but it just isn’t working out right. The Keeper rows (B:Q 2,9,16) need to reset to a value of 6*(value of the “none” button)* and the robot rows (R:T 3,11) need to reset to 1, along with clearing(or set to 0) R7 and T14.

Again, if anybody knows VBA or would be willing to point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

of course, playing around with the more reliable 2.0, I realized it wasn’t adding the top row in addition to the columns, a quick programming change and v2.1 is now released.


I was just curious as to where V2.0 is posted